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Career Development Coach | Kayla

My name is Kay and I am the founder of Culture of Vibes (CoV). Culture of Vibes is the umbrella company of CoV Strategy and Be the Vibe. CoV Strategy is a business operations strategy consulting agency. We specialize in working with businesses to turn rapid growth into sustainable development. Be the Vibe, provides business development coaching to help creative and innovative business owners and entrepreneurs holistically elevate their businesses and lives. Although CoV was founded in 2017, I have had the pleasure of supporting individuals' development and business growth in a variety of industries for the last 14 years. My biggest passion is to support individuals in being resilient while building their empires. 

My 3 passions are: 
☝🏽Helping others be resilient in their dream business! 
✌🏽Helping others get back more time and find their perfect business-life blend! 
🤟🏽Helping BIPOC people and women create and build generational wealth.  
We can all succeed! 

How CoV helps businesses with:

✔️ Business operations strategies to build, grow, or revamp your business. 
✔️ Systems optimizition. 
✔️ Turn fast growth into sustainable development. 


How Be the Vibe helps creative businesses and entrepreneurs with:

✔️ Business & Life Strategies
✔️ Elevate your Boss persona
✔️ Overcome burnout and stress
✔️ Design their creative legacy


If you are:

🫶🏽 An entrepreneur who is looking to go all into their business. 
🫶🏽 A business owner boss whose time is spent doing everything manually and wearing way too many hats. 
🫶🏽 A bold business leader and high-achiever who is looking for change and wants to be intentional about this next season of life.
🫶🏽 A struggling small business owner who is on the verge of closing down their business due to feeling burnt out. 

Still, Want more? how about my signs?

I have spent over a decade working with people and helping them make their way into positions they love!

Here is what I know for sure. You only get one life and tomorrow is never promised. Make the most of the life you have now. As a high achiever, you have spent most of your life working and people-pleasing. Most take job opportunities chasing the only money, thinking if they only make a little bit more money that they will find happiness right around the corner. But instead finding stress, burnout, and long hours with no free time.

 Fill your life with joy, love, and adventures, so that the 60... 70....80 year old you will not be filled with regrate for the chances you did not take.

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