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Talent Development Consultant
Culture of Vibes


Let's help your employee's human better.

I am a Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) certified career coach, with over 13+ years of experience. I also had the pleasure of working on the other side of the fence in Talent Acquisition and Talent Development work for 7+ years.


What I found is that I have a passion for helping people be their best selves in a career, they love.  

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Human Centric Culture

COV @ Work

Talent Development 
  • Team & Individual Career Development 

  • Succession Planning

  • Leadership Development

  • Talent Strategy & Planning

  • Performance Management



  •  76% of employees highly value career growth opportunities.

  • Talent Development Engages And Motivates People

  • You’ll Keep Top Talent For Longer

  • It Helps You Close Skill Gaps

  • It Drives Better Customer/Client Experiences and Engagement 

  • It Creates Career Opportunities, especially at a time when the unemployment rate is still low and it is becoming harder to fill positions. 

Benefits of working with COV:

  • Identify Employee skills and strategic planning

  • Address the skills gap

  • Inspire top talent with better learning services

  • Develops a skills-driven learning culture

  • Increases employee performance.

  • Upskill employees into top ppositions Creating an internal pipeline

  • Outside perspective.


What's included:
  • 1:1 Weekly In-Person Consulting Sessions

  • Monday - Friday Voxer Support

Career Wellness

COV @ Work

Career Wellness

I help people for over a decade make their way into careers they were passionate anabout d excited be in. I have also helped support employers hire and retaining employees through human-centric employee experience, talent development, and career wellness. Helping employees feel VIBE (Valued, Included, Belong, & Equal) with companies. 


  • Peer/Team Building

  • Workplace Flexibility

  • Digital Culture Strategy

  • Workplace Wellness Program

  • Total Rewards

  • Stress Management


  • Only 26% of companies have an employee well-being strategy in place.

  • The corporate-feeling practices of workplace wellness – weight loss challenges, step counters, biometric-driven programming, monitoring, etc. - are a design are outdated.

  • Humans are craving connection & meaningful support. The pandemic for many people left people on an island. Blending work & life more than ever and there are no going back to "Leave your life at the door" practices when it comes to work. 

  • Even more the Work & Life blending, employee wellbeing programs need holistic harmony between all the parts of an employee that make them human – work, relationships, boundaries, body, mind & passion.

Benefits of working with CoV:

  • Increase the stability of workers’ schedules.

  • Provide employees with opportunities to identify and solve workplace problems.

  • Keep your organization adequately staffed, so workloads are reasonable.

  • Encourage managers in your organization to support employees’ personal needs.

  • Social belonging among employees.

  • Increases employee performance.

  • Decreases uncertified sick leave, turnover, and stress-related compensation claims.


What's included:
  • 1:1 Weekly In-Person Consulting Sessions

  • Monday - Friday Voxer Support

Talent Development


HR Project Management


Culture Change


Wellness Program


HR Project Management

COV @ Work

HR Project Management
  • Organizational Culture 

  • Talent Acquisition

  • HRIS

  • Change Management

  • HR Data Analytics



Benefits of working with CoV:

  • Manage Budgets and Timelines

  • Dedicated focus on your project, which improves Productivity and Overall Quality of Work

  • Keep your organization adequately staffed, so workloads are reasonable.

  • Achieving the desired result

  • I make the time to build relationships, communicate, and treat others with consideration and respect

  • Outside perspective

  • Passion


What's Included:

  • HR Project Management services are offered at hourly and flat rates, schedule a call for more information.



Consultants can perform a range of duties that may vary considerably depending on the industry. In a nutshell, consultants provide expert opinions, analysis, and recommendations to organizations or individuals, based on their own expertise.
Personal Development Coaching
“ I literally depend on these for my sanity now days :) These sessions keep me balanced and always tell me exactly what I need to hear! #inlove”

Lonnia Jefferson, Accountant

Passion Led Us Here

Is it worth it?

"Hiring a coach is not going to be for everybody.  Some people will want  to start their journey on their own like I did before they invest in a coach. If that is you, I hope you find a strong group of women like I did that can help you build your future. But for people that have not found their tribe and are READY for their next step, it is SO worth it. Think about all the money you have spent on stress-coping mechanisms in just the last month.... how about last year.... two years? Probably with your best friend or tribe. Let's be honest. Think about how much time and energy you are wasting daily being unhappy and what you could have been using that time and energy towards. Coaching is an investment, but one so worth it if it is going to bring you happiness, confidence, and passion back into life." 

Kayla, Founder of Culture of Vibes

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