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Your ready to find your bliss and elevate your Life?

Burnout to Bliss is a 1:1 coaching program, designed for my high-stress business leaders who are burnt out and looking for change. This program helps you break through the fog and determine where you want to go. We will pave the way for your new adventure. Whether that is a new career opportunity or a Business venture. Together we will work on realigning, reconnecting, and refocusing your energy to elevate you to your next level of success.

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At Be the Vibe Social Club, our mission is to foster a bohemian-inspired sanctuary where visionaries from all walks of life can come together to explore, grow, and thrive. We are committed to empowering our members to embrace their authentic selves while equipping them with the tools and guidance to harmonize their artistic endeavors with their entrepreneurial aspirations.

Burnout to Bliss

Boss Development Program

offered in 3 different levels to fit your need, time and budget.

Free Spirit
  • Burnout to Bliss Email Course

  • Bliss Box Subscription

  • Weekly Vibe Notes

A Month
  • Burnout to Bliss Email Course

  • Bliss Box Subscription

  • Weekly Vibe Notes

  • Monthly 1:1 Sessions

  • Reiki Meditation

A Month
  • Burnout to Bliss Email Course

  • Bliss Box Subscription

  • Weekly Vibe Notes

  • Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions

  • Reiki Meditation

  • Development Plan

  • Free Access to Quarterly Events

A Month
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At Be the Vibe Social Club, our driving force is rooted in the belief that every individual possesses a unique blend of creativity, resilience, and entrepreneurial spirit. We are driven by the desire to provide a nurturing haven where these qualities can flourish, enabling our members to embrace the beautiful chaos of life, unlock their full potential, and forge a path toward fulfillment in both their artistic and business endeavors.

Who is this program for?

  • You are a business owner, who wears all the hats and looking to take your business to the next level.
  • Your business is making 5 figures a month consistently.
  • You are turning away clients due to compacity and doing too much manual work.
  • You have a level of self-awareness and looking to grow to mastery. 
  • You are open to listening and taking feedback.
  • You truly are ready for change.
  • ​You’re willing to invest the time, money, and effort to not only design the next level of success.
When working through something as big as burnout, it is important to know the differences between a coach and therapist. coaches identify and describe current problematic behaviors so the client can work to modify them. Therapists analyze their client's past as a tool for understanding present behaviors. In other words, therapists focus on “why certain behavioral patterns occur, and coaches work on “how” to work toward a goal.

This services is not to replace therapy sessions, but instead can be used as a modality to support.



Who this program is Not for?

  • You drift from program to program and don’t have any urgency around building or growing a business, you just like the idea of starting (and quitting) something new.

  • You refuse to make ANY changes to your existing habits or business, even though you’re still lost in your the sea of options for your next step.

  • ​You’re really only in this for the income, not the work and life blend impact. 

  • ​You love to spend hours piecing together free information, even though much of it is confusing and contradictory, because at least you “save money” and can avoid investing in your business. 

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Is it worth it?

"Hiring a coach is not going to be for everybody.  Some people will want to start their journey on their own like I did, before they invest in a coach. If that is you, I hope you find a strong group of women like I did that can help you build your future. But for people that have not found their tribe and are READY for your next step, it is SO worth it. Think about all the money you have spent on stress-coping mechanisms in just the last month.... how about last year.... two years? Probably with your best friend or tribe. Let's be honest. Think about how much time and energy you are wasting daily being unhappy and what you could have been using that time and energy towards. Coaching is an investment, but one so worth it if it is going to bring you happiness, confidence, and passion back into life." 

Kayla, Founder of Culture of Vibes


Reiki Services are offered as remote sessions and are a great practice when life gets too busy or you’ve lost your orientation or connection with yourself. In-person sessions will be offered soon in a VIP Experience Package.

Reiki FAQ

How does it work?

This type of remote energy work session is for those who prefer to “be present” and connect via video/audio for their remote energy work session.

  1. Book a session date and time online (individual or group options available)

  2. Join the session via the Zoom link

  3. Have a private, comfortable space for your session


You will join the session via Zoom and can be lying down or in whatever position is most comfortable for you. This is a Zoom Audio session (no video). Kayla will guide you through the session and you can listen via headphones or speaker (phone/computer/tablet).

What's a session like and how do I prepare? 
Remote Sessions

• Make sure you have the Zoom link, check Spam or contact Kayla as needed

• Find a comfy space to lie down for the session

• Earbuds / headphones are recommended

• Eye mask, candles, crystals, etc. (optional)

• Notebook & pen to write before/afterward (optional)

• Hydrate yourself (before/after)

• Reminder: session is Audio only (no video)

In-Person Sessions (Coming Soon in VIP Experience Package)

I will have a dimly lit room with a massage table with light blankets set up for you. You will be fully clothed and lying on your back for the majority of the session, unless that position is unavailable due to pain or other discomfort.

You may want to wear something that you feel comfortable in if that will help you relax. Many clients just wear whatever they have on that day. It is helpful to write down any questions or thoughts you have, so you remember to ask them, but there is no need to over-prepare.

We will discuss any questions and any other items you wish to discuss before the session begins. I will ask permission to do the energy work and ask you if you are comfortable with both hands-on and hands-off body work (it is okay if you prefer only hands-off). I will talk you through the session as much or as little as you like and you are welcome to share as much or as little as you like. We will connect again after we close the session to discuss any questions, etc. as you transition back into the rest of your day.

You may experience a range of relaxation, consciousness, energy, thoughts and physical sensations. Sometimes people are asleep for the whole session and sometimes they are quite alert and energetic. A wonderful thought to consider is to release yourself of expectation and trust that you will have the experience that you need or are ready for at that time.

“ I literally depend on these for my sanity now days :) These sessions keep me balanced and always tell me exactly what I need to hear! #inlove”

Lonnia Jefferson, Accountant

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So Boss are you ready to get started?

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